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Mindset Leap

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Your Health is the #1 Most Important thing. If you aren't alive nothing else matters.

Self Defense & Prevention 

Learn how to fight

Mannars & how you carry yourself “dress for success“

Eye Contact

Speech & Body Language

hygeine ex: white teeth

Use your Hands to talk


People pay attention to change in body language “Crazy to Calm”

Cold shower at start 

don’t sit down unless it’s necessary 

#1 Sleep Guide 

-Wake up & goto bed the same time everyday even weekends

-Wake Up Alarm & Get ready for bed Alarm

-Don't eat or drink water 2-3hrs before bed

-don't do high dopamine activities 2-3 hrs before bed ex: phone

-black out lights

-control the temperature & stay around 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit

-charge phone across the room

Bonus: sleep music

#2 Food & Water

Want to gain weight?

Eat more calories than what you need to maintain

Want to lose weight?

Eat less calories than what you need to maintain

-Drink Water & I also recommend Gatorade Zero 

-Use your best judgment & eat healthier food that also tastes good.

#3 Excercise Guide

-Get on the Scale Everyday

-Start small & build your way up, you can start with trying to reach 5-10k steps & or doing exercises at home if your not able to make it to the gym.

-There's power in doing something you enjoy, for example I love playing VR & can get a workout playing a game called Beat Saber

-If you struggle to stay accountable then I HIGHLY recommend you get a friend/buddy/partner/trainer someone to get you going.

-Music or Podcasts

Bonus: Vitamins & Supplements

Instant wins

Break free & get your time back from addictions

-Phone (screen time, reorganize phone, grey)




-Social Media (hide feeds, delete from phone, block URL)


-Video Games (why are video games so fun? you don't have something going on in life that you find more fun.




-Lack of fitness/health (start with steps)

1st: Clean up your life (dashlane)

2nd: Add obstacles to the bad behavior & remove obstacles for good behavior

3rd: If you do fall prey, make a conscious effort in the moment to reflect & observe your behavior to realize what led you into the situation, then fix it using step